Business Owners, are you paying too much for your computer infrastructure?

Save up to 40%

on desktop infrastructure costs while protecting against ransomware, viruses, malware, phishing, and other cyber attacks

Cloud Computing and Cyber Security

Don’t Get Victimized by Ransomware!

60% of Small Businesses are Targeted by Ransomware.

With StreamPC’s innovative cloud computing platform, we easily protect your business against getting infected with…


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StreamPC Makes It All Easy!


StreamPC’s RansomWall™ technology stops Ransomware and protects your business from Cyber Attacks.


73% of Data Breaches and Theft occur at the End Point (laptop / phone). Eliminate Local Data on your devices to Keep it Safe.


Our StreamWRX™ Platform can automate your industry’s compliance requirements so you don’t have to.


Work Securely anywhere, anytime, on any network, from any country, and from any device.

Your Virtual Office Workforce is an Easy Target for a CyberAttack

Today’s workforce office is anywhere with an internet connection. That endpoint, wherever that laptop is, is unfortunately the most vulnerable piece of your entire security strategy. Having an endpoint with NO DATA ON THE HARD DRIVE is the only way to ensure true security.

Are you ready to completely eliminate Data Theft?

With StreamPC’s innovative cloud computing platform, we easily protect you against loss from…





“StreamWRX” – Makes it all Easy! StreamWRX automates the tasks making implementation and setup so time consuming and expensive for everyone else. We take care of all of it so you don’t have to – before you know it, you will be working entirely from the Cloud with your StreamPC’s and you will never have to manage your Data Compliance – Password Resets – Backups – Disaster Recovery or any other IT hassles for your employees – no matter where they are working.

Protects Your Organization While Enabling Productive Work From Any Location

Employees Can Use Any Device They Like

Predictably monthly subscription is simple & cost-effective

Kind Words from our Clients

“StreamPC is a must for professionals in the health care industry. Serving and protecting our patients is our top priority, StreamPC helped us do that without compromising Patient Data and our HIPAA compliance”

Mike Webb, CEO

White Tree Medical

“StreamPC integrated our anti-phishing solution which mitigated Crown Capital’s risk of attack by malicious software(s) like ransomware, viruses or malware. Our fully hosted, integrated, and secure computing environment delivers the technologies Crown Capital needs without taxing their bottom line performance.”

Crown Capital Securities, L.P.

“StreamPC got us up and running remote in days, gave us plug and play CloudLock Laptops so we didn’t have to buy any new devices.”

Duy Nguyen, CEO

Invitrx Terapeutics

“StreamPC addressed the Data Security and Compliance challenges that were imposing technical and financial burdens on our business. We reduced our IT spend and are able to focus on our Customers because we no longer waste time worrying about IT, ransomware, viruses or even our next compliance audit.”

Arnold Swenson

Owner Associated Mortgage, LLC

“StreamPC allows me to work from home on the most sensitive data without compromising our Security or Compliance requirements – and they made it easy.”

Steven Swenson, Associated General Counsel

Access Data

“StreamPC has freed us from every technologicallimitation we have ever had. We are now more efficient and agile and better equipped to take our customer service to the next level.”

David Bommarito, CEO

The Benefits Group

Rely on me as your dedicated partner in navigating the intricacies of cloud computing and cybersecurity services. Beyond mere cost savings, I am devoted to uncovering solutions that actively enhance your business's digital infrastructure.

With a thorough understanding of the complexities involved, I am committed to tailoring cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions specifically for your business needs.

Let's collaborate to pave the way for a secure and technologically advanced future for both you and your business. You can trust Dreams Business Resources and StreamPC to stand by your side on this digital journey.

Erik Owen

Local Cyber Services Director

StreamPC Local Director

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